CoRubrics, an add-on for Google Sheets helps teachers in the assessment process. It is used to assess students (or groups of students) with a rubric designed by the teacher and also allows students to assess other students (coevaluation).

CoRubrics automates the entire process. First, teachers design the rubric they want to use in Google Sheets, then they add the students' names and their email address. (These can be imported from Google Classroom). Once this is done, the add-on will:

  • Create a Google Form with the contents of the rubric.
  • Send the form to the students by email or simply provide the link to the teacher.
  • Process the data once the form is filled out (by the students or by the teacher).
  • Finally, send the results to the students (each student receives only their results) with a personalized comment.

In addition, CoRubrics allows:

  • Insert comments when answered.
  • Allow Co-evaluation, self-assessment and teacher assessment with one link.

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