CoRubrics is an Add-ons for a Google sheets to make a complete assessment process with rubrics. It is used to assess students (or groups of students) with a rubric by teacher and also to assess students by other students (coevaluation).

CoRubrics add-on automates the entire process. First we must define the rubric you want to use, then indicate the students names and their electronic mail. Once done, the add-on will:

  • Create a form with the contents of the rubric.
  • Send by mail a form to students or give the link (if only the teacher assess).
  • Once answered the form (by students or by teacher), process the data.
  • Finally, send the results to students (each only receive their results) with a personalized comment.
In addition, CoRubrics allows:
  • Insert comment when answered.
  • Allow Co-evaluation, self-assessment and teacher assessment in one CoRubrics.